Bo Kaier is a digital designer, pro since '04. He is comfortable writing in the third person, and will proceed unfettered by strangeness. A design generalist (since before that was a thing) operating within small business environments, Bo has acquired experience in a variety of disciplines: visual, user interface, user experience, product, and platform. He can code HTML/CSS (and considers this SquareSpace template portfolio a cop-out, but he's learning to forgive himself). He can lead meetings, liaise between departments, work agile, walk, and chew gum. He hopes to communicate the breadth of his skills with this sampler platter.


Bo has worked with numerous high-profile brands. In entertainment: American Idol, The Voice, Dancing with the Stars, America's Got Talent, Miss Universe. In sports: the NBA, the NFL, NASCAR, MLS. In the consumer space: J√§germeister, Pillsbury, Coca-Cola. 

Bo knows (trademark Nike) how to work within a brand's style guide. He has the serenity of mind to deal with innumerable revisions and design cycles and the ability to make the simple sublime.


Product design has become a true passion. In the last year Telescope started putting its technologies 'into boxes.' Bo took the creative lead and in that time originated 30 full-scale, social-focused applications. From Celebrity Q&A, to triva, to second screen playalong, to meme generators, visualizations, media-driven sweepstakes, and the list goes on. 


I feel as at home on the public-facing side as I do on the under-appreciated back-end. Throughout my career I have been involved in the design of several full-scale platforms, and I continually update the look and usability of Telescope's Connect Live. Various screens and iterations of Connect appear below.